Saturday, February 11, 2012

Outfit: Dressed down... (+ Q&A answers!)

Sometimes change is good... So I decided to do something I usually never ever do... Something totally different... I wore sneakers! Yes, I do have one pair actually, this pair of All stars are the only pair of sneakers in my closet.. I last wore them over one year ago, but since I was going for a relaxed laid back look, I thought it was time to give these All Stars a second chance. At first I thought they looked weird on me.. If there's anything I'm not it's a sneaker girl.. But you know what? I don't hate it!
What do you say? Not too bad combined with a  dressed down look, right? :p (pictures below Q&A!)

I gave you all the oppertunity to ask me anything you want: so here we go... My answers to some of your questions! 

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about 2,5 years ago.. At first it was nothing serious. I started a blog so it became easier to follow other fashion blogs.. Then I started posting some of my own outfits and DIY's and I got my first visitors.. After  1 year of blogging just for fun, I purchased a good camera because I wanted to improve my blog and improve my pictures.. Now I blog because it's what I love to do... I love to write, express my creativity, take photo's and meet other bloggers!

What do you think is the best thing about blogging? 
I can't just point out one thing.. What I love is what it has brought me so far! I get to go to fashion events, I meet bloggers and interesting people.. I improved my writing skills and now I write for other fashion sites (check my TSC featured in page).. I developed my own style and I can inspire other fashionista's out there, just as they inspire me with their blogs :)

Do you have those long lashes naturaly? Or do you wear fake lashes? Or is it photoshop?:p
I love this question! It isn't photoshopped ;) I actually have pretty long lashes myself, but somehow I got addicted to wearing false lashes on a daily basis.. I often wear the natural style lashes by Eyelure. They give your lashes length and volume, but not over the top:) Great for everyday use if you ask me!

What was your biggest fashion fail, if you ever had one :p?
I have made plenty of fashion fails.. When I first started blogging I was still figuring out my style.. I don't really like some of those posts when I just started out.. But I never deleted them, because that was what I liked to wear back then.. I had a thing for my DIY bleached jeans, DIY Balmain inspired chain-top and everything with a polka-dot print.. Now I look back and I can't believe I wore that out of the house ;)

What kind of styling products do you use for your hair? And do you style it everyday?
I style my hair every single day, unless I am sure that I don't have to leave the house ;) My bangs are always swoopy and messed up when i wake up so I blow-dry my bangs every morning. I use a heat protection foam by L'oréal, tons, and I mean tons of hairspray to keep my bangs exactly in place: L'oréal Elnett. And I recently discovered the best product I have ever used: BioSilk Therapy! It's pure liquid silk and it repairs your hair, my dead ends seem completely repaired.. And it gives a great shine and incredibly smooth feeling...♥

Have u ever been recognized because of your blog ? 
I got recognized a few times, mainly on fashion events where lots of fashionbloggers are invited.
It's fun when somebody recognizes me from my blog, but it's also a little weird when somebody that i probably don't know says 'hey, aren't you Malu from The Stylish Confessions blog??' I take it as a huge compliment of course!

Do you get to go to fashion events??
Ever since I went to my first fashion event and gave out lots of business cards, I get invited for fashion events, store openings and parties on a regular basis.. I wish I could come to every single event so I can meet other bloggers and socialize.. But I sometimes don't have time during the week because of school / internship. I try to take up all the invites though :)

Wearing: H&M oversized knitted jumper, vintage leather jacket, Zara scarf, EDC by Esprit jeans, All Stars, Cira bag, Zara sunglasses



  1. thanks for comment:)
    you are so beautiful:)
    awesome blog:)

  2. Very, very nice look :)

  3. Amazing outfit!!! love it!!!
    we can follow each other if u want!!!I' m new follower now it's your time!!!

  4. Superleuke Q&A en je outfit is superleuk! Zo heb ik je inderdaad niet vaak gezien maar t staat je leuk !:)

  5. SUPER leuke outfit! xx

  6. Great reading your blog post! Nice to meet you! I love your blog - and now following you via GFC!

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  7. Hello doll,
    I found your blog by chance and I am really delighted. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked, so I'm your new follower now... i think we're going to get along just fine! ;)
    I'd like to invite you to follow mine as well. I’d be very pleased.

    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often.


  8. im really loving your blog, because it makes me feel just at home. its so great to get ideas and advice from someone like you... please please, i would love to get a comment from you on my blog. You are so pretty too...

    love lots


  9. great Q&A! we got to know you some more through your answers :)
    love your blog!

  10. You're so beautiful! <3 I love your outfits and your blog! <3

  11. Such a cool, casual but chic outfit! :)

    Xo, Saritschka.

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  13. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I appreciate it ^^

    You look absolutely gorgeous, very pretty girl!
    Love the ombre scarf.

  14. Perfect look ! Your blog is so nice ! Kiss x

  15. amazing!!!

  16. Thank you for your lovely comment. I love your outfit, so simple, yet chic. And I think All Stars fit you well :)


  17. leuk om te lezen en leuke outfit! gave tas vooral!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog Malu and leaving me a sweet comment! I love your style dear and am now a new follower! Nice post by the way. I have a few pair of sneakers and do not wear them! I don't even know why I have them to be honest. :) Converse look good with anything though! It is a great sneaker to have! xx


  19. Die trui ziet er echt heerlijk uit zeg!

  20. Leuke outfit, je zonnebril is erg leuk!


  22. Love sneakers!

  23. This is lovely dear!!

  24. You look so cute, lovely sweater <3

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  26. Je tas is gaaf1 X


  27. Very cute look, I adore your jacket <3

  28. Heel leuk om te lezen! En ik vind je outfit superleuk, die trui is mooi :).

  29. I went through your blog and its so inspiring :) I like your style as well as your blog. I'm following your blog. Check out mine as well and follow it if you like :)

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