Friday, March 23, 2012

Miss Saigon Musical

Here are 3 pictures of my sister and me when we went to the muscial Miss Saigon with our parents! I never thought I would love this musical since I am not so fond of war stories, but this musical was absolutely amazing:D My sis and I took a picture on the red steps and later snapped a photo of the yummy food during the break! We were both wearing a dress from H&M..  I wore a H&M blazer, my favourite Blink boots and Primark bag.. 
I took some scans of the Elle StyleBible which I will share with you tomorrow, I think this is the best StyleBible issue so far, so stay tuned:D



  1. You both look pretty :)

  2. Wat een leuke fotos'!

  3. both of you look amazing :)

  4. you look gorgeous!

  5. Such a gorgeous lady. Love your blog :-)


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